L1VM - Haiku preview

I did play around with the current beta version of Haiku. My L1VM programs using the POSIX pthreads for multithreading are still crashing because of a “segmentation fault”. Something at the “thread exit” call. I have to find out.

Update: I did write an install script for Haiku. It is in the GitHub repository. It also installs the needed packages to build the modules.

I did make changes to the RS232 module: I added the Haiku serial port names. So now it should be possible to use the serial ports. I also did build the FANN library and my L1VM FANN module. See the ChangeLog on my GitHub repo!

I did install Kate on Haiku.

Update: I now found out how to use syntax highlighters right. You have to put your own syntax highlighters into:


Here is the “lines” SDL demo and the modules I did build so far on the left window.

L1VM Haiku preview