L1VM - ranges

I did write a new feature for Brackets. Now you can set the legal range of variables by the range keyword:

(x x_min x_max range)

Here x_min is the minimum and x_max the maximum value of x. If you assign a value outside this then you will get a runtime error! The min/max variables must be of const type.

Here is a full example:

// hello.l1com
// Brackets - Hello world!
#include <intr.l1h>
(main func)
	(set int64 1 zero 0)
	(set int64 1 x 23)
	(set int64 1 y 42)
	(set const-int64 1 x_min 0)
	(set const-int64 1 x_max 10000)
	(set double 1 xd 23.0)
	(set double 1 yd 42.0)
	(set const-double 1 x_mind 0.0)
	(set const-double 1 x_maxd 42.0)
	(set int64 1 z 43)
	(set double 1 zd 43.0)
	(set string 13 hello "Hello world!")
	(x x_min x_max range)
	(xd x_mind x_maxd range)
	// print string
	print_s (hello)
	{x = (y * z)}
	print_i (x)
	{xd = (yd * zd)}
	print_d (xd)
	exit (zero)

The program shows this:

$ l1vm prog/hello-ranges -q
Hello world!
ERROR: double variable value in illegal range!
epos: 309

So the double variable xd would be out of range!