L1VM - file tools

In L1VM 1.9.0 there is a new file tools module. There are the experimental C++ 17 tools:

file_tools_copy, file_tools_dir_create, file_tools_remove, file_tools_rename, file_tools_size, file_tools_exists 

Here is the example for file rename: (file-tools.l1com)

// file library module
// test program
#include <intr.l1h>
(main func)
    #include <file-def.l1h>
    (set int64 1 zero 0)
    (set int64 1 one 1)
    (set string s oldfilename "foobar.txt")
    (set string s newfilename "hello.txt")
    (set int64 1 ret 0)

    (zero :file_tools_init !)

    // rename file
    (oldfilenameaddr newfilenameaddr :file_tools_rename !)
    (ret stpop)
    exit (zero)

#include <file-tools-lib.l1h>

To build the module you have to “cd” into the directory: “vm/modules/file-tools/”. And then build it:

$ CC=clang CCPP=clang++ zerobuild force

Now copy the library into the ~/bin directory:

$ cp *.so ~/bin

That’s it! Have some fun!