L1VM - code build

The L1VM Brackets compiler and the assembler are fast! I did a check with my POV-edit program. It has 1905 lines of code.

Here is the build run, with preprocessor, compiler and assembler:

$ time ./build.sh prog/pov-edit -lines 5000

code lines compiled: 1905
[✔] out compiled
assembler args: ' '
assembling file: 'out'
codesize: 37762 , 36.877 KB
datasize: 50950 , 49.756 KB
filesize: 96361 , 94.103 KB
[✔] out assembled

real	0m0,203s
user	0m0,165s
sys	0m0,031s

My CPU is a: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9300HF CPU @ 2.40GHz. This is the 9th generation of the i5. So this is real fast. If you have installed my L1VM via the build scripts then you may already know how fast all included example programs are build.