L1VM - Psion jargon

I did develop a Psion Kludged Linux port of my jargon file viewer. It runs on my Psion 5MX with 32 MiB RAM. There are 24 MiB free for the system, 8 MiB are used for the ROM.

I used an older version of my L1VM (1.0.15) for this! The latest version did not work. There is some trouble by using double numbers in calculations: it gives false results! A simple test program in C did work without errors. I still don’t know what makes the errors. I did set the “-mhard-float” gcc flag on both the C test program and the L1VM.

The text output prints a few lines out. To read the next text block you have to press the enter key. Here are some screen shots:

L1VM Psion jargon 01

L1VM Psion jargon 02

UPDATE Here is the Kludged Linux website: Kludged Linux

Here is the L1VM Psion 5MX version archive

My Hackaday.io project

Here is what I found out now: the pointer size is 32 bits: 4 bytes on the 32 bit Psion Linux. The test program does the double calcualtions right. And the double size is 8 bytes. I still don’t know why the L1VM does math with double numbers not right!

Here is the screenshot of my test program:

Psion test numbers