L1VM - facts

My VM L1VM 1.5 version motto is: “hyperpowered ^ 2”. The L1VM is one of the fastest VMs out there! And it uses only a few MB RAM for doing it’s work. It has variable type safety. And array bounds checking and string overflow checks right build in! If you need real high performance then inline assembly and JIT-compilation will do it! The VM can be expanded by modules written in C. So if you can’t find something you need then you can write it.

I did code the assembler and compiler for Brackets by hand. I did not use a lexer creation tool. This gives me total control about how stuff works. And made it possible to introduce variable type safety as a later step. Yes, Brackets is type safe now! This makes it safe and powerfull. I did write my LED POV kit designer and flasher in Brackets. The program uses my SDL GUI module for the graphics part. To create a full GUI you need only a few commands and you are done! This is very simple.

In my opinion my L1VM is unique and goes into a different direction as the other VM projects out there. On my journey I did go a new way in doing things. How can I develop a fast and safe VM? How can I make it modular and expandable? I did find solutions and a way through all this. It was not easy, not at all. And I am a self taught developer with no CS degree at all. I think only few can go this way and develop a VM, an assembler and a compiler.

I will end this with a quote by Steve Jobs: “Stay hungry, stay foolish!”