L1VM - macOS

I got help from friends: sportfloh and cedi to write a GitHub Actions .yaml file! Now I can run test builds on Ubuntu and macOS.

What works right now: zerobuild, l1asm, l1com, l1pre and the l1vm.

UPDATE 19-12

Now I made the standard modules build: endianess, fann, file, genann, math, mem, mmpfr (high precision math library), net, process, sdl-2.0, string, time
librs232 (serialport by libserialport)

I found out that “.so” libraries on macOS must be build as a “bundle”.

I did run the “lines.l1com” program on my macOS GitHub Actions build script.
The program executes and seems to work! I had to add a SDL event function in the wait loop.

So the program pulls events from the macOS and updates the window. I did use the mouse event to do this.

See “prog/lines.l1com”.

Have some fun!