L1VM - primes benchmark

Here are the results of my new primes search benchmarks. I did use L1VM, Python and Lua to check the results.

The benchmark finds all prime numbers below 100000000. I did run the benchmarks on a Lenovo L340 with 8 GB RAM on Fedora 35 Linux.

The RAM usage is taken from the task manager RSS RAM size.

Here we go:

L1VM 107.1 MiB RAM

real 0m41,925s
user 0m29,574s
sys 0m9,031s

Python 770.9 MiB RAM

real 0m52,520s
user 0m41,741s
sys 0m10,045s

Lua 2.3 GiB RAM

real 0m34,052s
user 0m21,914s
sys 0m10,803s

As you can see my L1VM uses the less memory, about 107.1 MiB RAM. And is faster as Python, but slower as Lua.

And you can see that Lua uses the most RAM! About 2.3 GiB RAM!