L1VM - Did you know...

… that the L1VM can fit in just about 1 MB RAM + program size and program RAM?

… that the JIT-compiler generates code that can run very fast?

… that the L1VM can run in sandbox mode and has only file access to it’s own folder?

… that the L1VM has a secure memory access mode which helps debugging programs?

… that you can write GUI applications with just a few lines of Brackets code?

… that the L1VM can run programs on Linux and Windows (WSL)?

… that the L1VM has only 61 opcodes and is a RISC CPU?

… that I developed my own language Brackets which is easy to learn?

… that I wrote the Brackets compiler and assembler by hand?

… that this project startet 2017?

… that you can write your own modules for the VM to expand it?