Jekyll - scripts

I do use the Jekyll static blog create tool for this blog.
I did write some useful small scripts to “build” the blog for example.
And to “serve” it on loaclhost, to open it up on your machine locally.

I also did write an “upload” script to upload my blog to my website FTP server.
You are asked for the password of your website. The password is never saved!
So I have to enter it every time I upload my blog. This is safe!

Here is the upload script:

# Read Password
echo -n Password: 
read -s password

lftp -e "mirror -R _site html/blog" -u user,$password ftp://your-webhost-url << EOF


You have to set your webservers FTP address and your blog place “html/blog” on your server!
And you need to install the “lftp” tool to run this.

Note: you have to edit your “_config.yml” file and add this lines after the “exclude:” line:


So the bash scripts are not put into your blog content stuff!
Here is my scripts archive: Jekyll-scripts