I did get a question about the Psion 5MX and Kludged Linux. And now I did translate my older blog post into English.

I did find a Psion 5MX PRO at Ebay years ago. I also did find a good tutorial how to install Debian Sarge (3.1) on a CF card. The card which doesn’t work was a SanDisk 8 GB. I did successfully test a PQI CF card with 1 GB. The other cards are a Kingston and a Cloudisk one:

SD cards front

SD cards back

I did use the 8 GB CF card. Every thing above 1 GB should work fine. The first partition is 64 MB FAT16. The others are 2 GB (ext2) in size.

You should use a tool like Gparted to create the partitions. Name the first “Disk” and create a FAT16 file system on it. And make it bootable by the “marker” menu. The other partitions should be max 2 GB in size with a ext2 file system on it, for the Linux.

Then make sure to copy the “sys$rom.bin” to the Psion FAT16 partition first. Then the Linux boot loader ARLO with it’s files. Now you can unpack the Kludged Linux Archive to the ext2 partition as “root”: “ksf210910.tgz”. If I can remember right there was an ARLO archive with some kernels in it. Maybe I did install a “2.4.30” Linux kernel for the 32 MB Psion 5MX.

Here is a tutorial: Kludged Linux Installation
The ARLO bootloader and the Linux kernels can be found here: ARLO, Linux kernels

After booting into Kludged Linux you can login as “root” with the password “root”. You can set the date and time with “setdate”. And creating a new user is a good idea: “adduser”.

On the X window manager there is a “guest:user” in the config file. You can fix this with this:

# chown root:root /usr/X11R6/bin/X
# chmod 4755 /usr/X11R6/bin/X

The next step is to copy the “.xinitrc” from user root to the own home directory:

# cp .xinitrc /home/username
# chown username:username /home/username/.xinitrc

Just replace “username” with your name. Now log out with “exit” and log in with your user name. Now you can start X with “xinit”. By pressing “Menu” + “1” you can switch to the console. With “Strg + C” you exit X windows. By pressing “Menu” + “2” you are in the second console.

Note: to exit Linux do: “shutdown -r now”. After this the Psion should reboot into the boot menu. Now you can switch it off safely without corrupting the CF card.

Here is a screenshot of the file manager MC: MC file manager

Here is a screenshot of the shell after login: shell