Gemini PDA upgrade

I did try to upgrade the Gemian Debian on my Gemini PDA to Gemian bullseye some weeks ago. I did have some trouble with the packet manager. It had to remove some packages. Long story short: After upgrading to Bullseye the Gemini did not boot again. So some important packages are removed and it did not boot any longer. I had no luck. The Buster Gemian is supported until June 2024 LTS I found out. Later you will get no updates and security fixes any more. So I have to stick to Buster for now.

I did flash my Gemini yesterday to make it work again. I had to do it as “root” as otherwise it won’t work! Now I have to install everything again.

Note: I did try to use “synaptic” package manager some time ago. The Gemini crashed and did not boot any more. So don’t use “synaptic” on the Gemian! The text is not realy readable as everything is shown in very tiny text!

I hope I can help someone with this posting!