Amiga A500 - CPU socket adapter board

Sponsored by PCBWay

Amiga A500 CPU adapter

This board was sponsored by PCBWay. The board is of very good quality. The CPU adapter has 2 x 32 long pins to fit into the socket. And on top 2 x 32 socket to plug the turbo card in. I developed it to use an ECS Indivision A500 graphics card and an E-Matrix CPU board (68030 @ 50MHz) together. Without this board it would not be possible, because the graphics card would block the CPU socket on the Amiga A500 mainboard! So I needed the adapter board to place the CPU board “higher” than the graphics card in the Denise socket!

The CPU adapter board will fit for every Amiga A500 turbo card which fits into the CPU socket. So this is universal usable.

I could make no real test: the E-Matrix board will need some mounting to not fall out the CPU socket. But I think it should work! I will update this posting when I have some news!